Guide To Getting Braces

Get the healthy and straight smile

There is no wrong age to consider teeth straightening solutions. Teenagers and adults alike may benefit from a number of orthodontic treatment options. With the correct treatment option, you’ll be able to get the healthy and straight smile that you deserve.

  • Determining the types of braces that are the best option for your dental needs will be based upon a number of factors.
  • Working with your orthodontist at Fingerpost Dental to discuss your oral health care goals will help you to decide on the right option.


How do braces work?

Each of the types of braces works in a very similar manner, regardless of the design of the braces. Braces apply a steady and gentle pressure to move teeth gradually into the position that they need to be in.

Patients should not feel any pain or discomfort while the braces are in place. Some patients do experience mild tenderness when they are first fitted with braces, but this is short-lived. The application of steady pressure is gentle enough that patients won’t feel it or even be able to see any changes until after a few weeks.

What types of braces are there?

In years past there were not many options in types of braces. The traditional metal and wire braces were used most and are today still what many will picture when they think about braces. Today there are a number of orthodontic options that will help patients to get the right results for their individual needs and straight teeth goals..

Invisalign braces:

For those who are looking for a more discreet way to straighten their teeth, the Invisalign system is a good option. This system uses a series of trays that are worn for a number of weeks at a time, and then replaced with the next designated tray. The aligner trays apply the gentle and steady pressure that is needed to ensure the gradual movement of the teeth.One of the benefits of this system is that the trays can be removed during meals, and when it is time to brush and floss. This is a great benefit over some of the other orthodontic options, as it doesn’t impact meal choice or your ability to keep up with your oral hygiene routine.It’s important to note that the Invisalign tray aligner system is more of a cosmetically-oriented solution. It will straighten teeth, but it will not help with concerns related to your bite or your jaw positioning.

Six Month Smiles:

The Six Month Smile system is a cosmetically focused orthodontic solution that works to align front teeth.It works much in the way that the traditional braces system does,with the exception being that each part of the braces is tooth-coloured.This is a great solution for patients in need of a discreet orthodontic
solution that offers the benefits of traditional braces.

This type of treatment is sometimes referred to as ‘short-term orthodontics’. While for some it can seem like the perfect solution, it’s important to appreciate that there is usually a trade-off for orthodontic treatment that’s completed in just six months.

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Tips for adjusting to life with braces

Younger patients typically adjust to wearing braces faster and better than adults. That said, there are a few tips for kids with braces and tips for adults with braces that can help to ensure that the treatment is as successful as possible.

• Follow all of the instructions that the orthodontist will provide
• Avoid hard sweets or foods like popcorn

• Brush after every meal, floss if the type of braces allows it and use a quality mouth rinse
• Avoid sports and activities that could lead to injuries and damage to traditional braces unless a mouth guard is worn

Tips for braces, first day of wear

Those first few days of wearing braces can bring with them a little bit of soreness and discomfort. Younger wearers of braces can struggle with this a bit, but there are a few things that can be done for ensuring those first days of braces are as smooth as possible.

  • Remind younger patients that it’s normal to experience a bit of soreness. It’ll pass within a few short days.
  • Maintain a regular routine and keep busy to keep the focus off of the new braces.
  • Enjoy softer and easy to eat foods for those first few days.
  • Use orthodontic wax if using traditional wires. It can help to minimise discomfort from brackets and wires that may be responsible for sore spots.

Over the counter pain medication can be used to control any discomfort. If bleeding or other serious harm is noticed, it’s important to call your dentist.

Are braces right for you?

When it comes to getting braces, there are a lot of considerations. There are several types of braces. With each type of braces also comes a variation in cost. The best way to find out whether braces are the right solution for you or for your child is to meet with your orthodontist. You’ll be able to learn which option will help to meet your goals for a beautiful straight smile. At Fingerpost Dental we offer a wide range of dental treatments, with a competitive pricing plan that will meet the needs of our  patients.

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