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White Fillings

Good oral health care and maintenance

In dentistry, just like in all medical fields, prevention is often the best of cures. Cavities and small cracks in a tooth can’t always be prevented, even with good oral health care and maintenance.

Restorative dentistry can help to avoid the potential for a small cavity or crack to escalate into a larger concern that leads to the loss of the natural tooth. A tooth filling will repair the damage and restore functionality and good health to the tooth.

  • Many will delay treatment until there is a toothache causing disruption. The reality is that by the time there is a toothache it may be too late to repair the tooth with a simple white tooth filling.
  • The sooner that any dental concerns are addressed, the better the prognosis is for the tooth.

White Tooth Filling

What is a white tooth filling?

For many years dentists have treated cavities and cracks in teeth with amalgam fillings. While this material was very effective at repairing and protecting teeth it was applied to, it was not the subtlest means of repairing teeth. This tooth filling is a metal alloy that is quite obvious when it’s used to fill cavities and other decay or damage on teeth. It was used for many years because it offers the durability and strength that is needed to ensure it can stand up to the bite pressure it’ll be subjected to.

Today, dentists have made the switch to a white tooth filling that can be perfectly matches so that it blends in with the colour of your natural tooth. Not only will patients benefit from having their tooth repaired and preserved, but they’ll have a seamless repair that looks wholly natural once in place.

Restorative dentistry relies on fillings to treat teeth that have decay or minor damage.

Fillings can repair cavities that have not yet grown too expansive. They can also restore teeth that have small chips and cracks.

What are the symptoms to look out for?

Are you unsure about whether you need to book an appointment for a cavity and tooth filling? If you are experiencing a toothache, then that is certainly something to be concerned about. A toothache and tooth sensitivity are typically signs that something is wrong with your tooth or your gums. Getting cavities and other potential concerns treated can offer almost immediate toothache relief and comfort.

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Any noticeable cavities on your teeth or areas of your tooth that no longer feel smooth could be indicative of a cavity that should be seen by your dentist. Without treatment, the decay will continue further and could ultimately lead to the loss of the tooth.

Your dentist will use porcelain fillings and other composite materials to restore your teeth.

    White Fillings Treatment Process

    The procedure for a tooth filling is relatively routine and quick. It can all be done during one visit to the clinic. The amount of time that a patient can expect to spend in the dentist chair will vary, based upon the condition of the tooth and the degree of damage.

    The steps your dentist will take for the filling are to completely numb the tooth and the surrounding gum. This will ensure that you feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure. Once your dentist is certain that you are numb, the procedure will begin. The decayed portion of the tooth will be carefully removed, and the site will be disinfected.

    The best feature of getting a white tooth filling is that your dentist can match the shade of the filling to the natural shade of your tooth. Once the tooth has been prepped, your dentist will pick out the perfect shade and apply it to the tooth.

    A light that speeds up the time that it takes to set the filling material will be used. Once set and hardened, the tooth may be filed to shape it.

    Patients should feel no discomfort after the procedure and should be able to eat and drink without any issue.

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    What are the advantages and disadvantages to a white tooth filling?

    Tooth fillings do more than repair a cavity or crack in a tooth. They can help to protect your teeth against further decay and damage. This, in turn, can help to avoid losing the tooth due to severe decay that is allowed to progress unchecked.

    White tooth filling materials are durable and can stand up to the bite force they’ll be exposed to. The filling is also stain-resistant.

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