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Dental Hygiene Treatments

Your visit with the dental hygienist

Ms Michelle Lyne, Dental Hygienist & Ms Aoife Walsh, Dental Hygienist

& Ms Linda Casey, Dental Hygienist

Consider your appointment with Michelle, Aoife or Linda, our three dental hygienists, to be a deep clean for both your teeth and your gums. Tooth decay is considered to be the leading factor of tooth loss in Ireland. Tooth decay often starts as a result of built up tartar that is allowed to progress unchecked.

When you attend with your dental hygienist you will be able to not only keep your teeth and gums clean, but you’ll be able to get any gum disease treatment that you may need. Your hygienist will advise you on all your dental hygiene needs when you see her.

As our dental hygienists are very much in demand, we always offer to book your next hygiene appointment when you are checking out and we will send you a text one week before to confirm your attendance.

Your hygienist will recommend how often you may need to attend in order to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

You will also need to have your teeth checked annually by one of our dentists in order to make sure your dental health is good.

Dental Hygienic Treatments

What do dental hygienic treatments treat?

Do you have a history of gum disease? Even with good oral hygiene it’s possible for patients to experience issues with gum disease. This is one of the main reasons that patients should be sure to keep up a good oral hygiene routine at home, and also keep up with routine check ups.

Routine Cleaning is Important

Pockets of gum disease infection can quickly form beneath the gum line, and lead to decay that may not even be visible. Routine cleanings will help to keep your teeth beautifully clean, and your gum healthy.

Are dental hygienic treatments essential?

If your teeth look good and feel good it can often be tempting to put off or avoid appointments with your dental hygienist. This is not a good idea, for several reasons.  A Dental Hygienist visit can clean your tooth at a level far beyond the level possibly in your home.  Adding to this, our trained dentists can spot serious problems such as mouth cancer.  Regular visits to your dentist are vital

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While good home care is essential, with brushing and flossing, it’s all but impossible to remove tartar and plaque that is stuck on hard to your teeth. They can quickly lead to decay and serious infections in your teeth and gums.

We stock mouth washes, floss, toothbrushes and tepe brushes so you can buy these when you attend for your dental hygiene visits. Michelle or Aoife will advise you how often you should attend and we can set you up on our recall system.

Some over-the-counter products may claim to effectively clean your teeth better than brushing and flossing alone. Keep in mind that your appointment in the dentist’s chair is also a chance for your dentist to take a look at the overall health of your teeth and gums prior to the cleaning.

    What can be expected during a cleaning?

    Before starting your hygiene visit, one of our dentists, Bernard, Caoilfhionn or Meabh will perform a full dental examination of your teeth, gums and mouth in general. This checkup will ensure your teeth are free from signs of cavities and other decay. The cleaning procedure can then begin with your dental hygienist.

    Once the scaling has been done, teeth will be buffed and polished with a mild abrasive toothpaste. While it is abrasive, the polishing toothpaste will not cause any damage to your teeth. It’s used to remove surface stains and any other debris that the scaling process may have missed.Your hygienist will floss your teeth well, in order to remove debris that may be stuck between your teeth. It will also help to identify any areas where your gums are sensitive and prone to bleeding.

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    Thank you to everyone at Fingerpost Dental especially Sarah who did an amazing job cleaning my teeth.. I have gone from dreading going to the dentist to looking forward to my next visit

    — Anita Canty
    • review rating 5  Thank you to everyone at Fingerpost Dental especially Sarah who did an amazing job cleaning my teeth.. Iv gone from dreading going to the dentist to looking forward to my next visit . See you in a few months ANITA 😁

      thumb Anita Canty
    • review rating 5  Dr. OKeeffe is awesome. The easiest trip to the dentist I've ever had! Thanks again Kate!

      thumb sean leastar
    • review rating 5  My teeth have never been cleaner!

      thumb Cian Desmond
    • review rating 5  Great experience, lovely friendly staff & beautiful building.

      thumb Gillian Kelleher
    • review rating 5  Great with kids!

      thumb Katie Desmond
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    There should be no pain or discomfort felt during the scale and polish parts of the cleaning. If there is any gum sensitivity you can ask for a topical numbing agent to help to relieve that sensitivity.

    Some patients may experience a bit of tenderness after the cleaning but it should pass within a few hours.

    What are the advantages of a professional tooth cleaning?

    There are a number of benefits to be seen and felt after a professional tooth and gum cleaning. Your cleaning will keep your gums free from any potentially troublesome spots that could turn into gum disease, while also helping to minimise the potential for tooth loss.

    A professional cleaning can remove surface stains, while also helping to reduce the potential for serious decay and inflammation. Gum inflammation and gum disease have been linked to an increase in risk for stroke and heart disease.

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