For Nervous Patients

Are you scared to go to dentist ?

Are you scared to go to dentist clinics to get the treatment that you need? The fear of dentists is a reality for many. Children and adults alike struggle with it. We understand the fear and do our utmost to put your fears to rest. Being afraid to go to the dentist is perhaps the primary reason that adults delay seeking treatment for decay, damage and pain.

While this is understandable, delaying treatment can be problematic. A small and simple to restore cavity can quickly lead to larger concerns with decay.

  • It could lead to an abscess or the ultimate loss of the tooth.
  • Getting treatment before issues are allowed to escalate can help to prevent and protect against an emergency situation.

For Nervous Patients

Ensure that you are comfortable

You will find that our clinic is clean, warm and welcoming. You’ll find that when you step into Fingerpost Dental you are greeted by compassionate professionals who will ensure that you are comfortable and relaxed every step of the way.

At Fingerpost Dental, we offer all our patients from all over Cork and further afield,  a wide number of solutions that can ensure every patient is able to feel calm and comfortable while getting only the best in treatment.

Getting to the root of a fear of dentists

Do you know what is the main cause for your fear of dentists? By understanding the why, we can often work towards a solution that will help you to overcome your fears and other anxieties about sitting in the dentist chair.

For Nervous Patients-dublin
For Nervous Patients -dublin

The most common fear of the dentist is based on a fear of the unknown. Many of us don’t particularly enjoy spending time in any medical setting that could involve drills and injections. But how much do you truly know about the treatments that you are in need of? The more you know, the better you’ll feel about each treatment and the processes involved in those treatments.

Misinformation can also be responsible for a fear of the dentist. Patients may have heard that certain treatments are unconfortable or unpleasant but at Fingerpost Dental we will endeavour to ensure that you are comfortable, relaxed and feel no pain or discomfort during any procedures that you need.

    Previous Negative Dental Experiences

    Previous dental experiences can contribute to a fear of seeking dental treatment today. Perhaps you’ve had a dentist who didn’t listen to your concerns, or you’ve experienced pain during treatment. Some of the sounds heard and experiences had at the dentist could bring back traumatic memories. Call the clinic to make an appointment or book your appointment online.  Contact Us and take your first step to getting over your fear of dentists

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    Thank you to everyone at Fingerpost Dental especially Sarah who did an amazing job cleaning my teeth.. I have gone from dreading going to the dentist to looking forward to my next visit

    — Anita Canty
    • review rating 5  Thank you to everyone at Fingerpost Dental especially Sarah who did an amazing job cleaning my teeth.. Iv gone from dreading going to the dentist to looking forward to my next visit . See you in a few months ANITA 😁

      thumb Anita Canty
    • review rating 5  Dr. OKeeffe is awesome. The easiest trip to the dentist I've ever had! Thanks again Kate!

      thumb sean leastar
    • review rating 5  My teeth have never been cleaner!

      thumb Cian Desmond
    • review rating 5  Great experience, lovely friendly staff & beautiful building.

      thumb Gillian Kelleher
    • review rating 5  Great with kids!

      thumb Katie Desmond
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    Treating a fear of dentists

    There are countless concerns and previous experiences that could be responsible for a patient having a fear of the dentist. Both children and adults alike could struggle with getting into the clinic for routine checkups and treatment for decay or damage to teeth.

    Working through a fear of dentists

    There are a number of things that can help boost your confidence when it comes to how to not be scared of the dentist. Perhaps the most important thing that you can take control of is the level of communication that you have with your dentist. Speak openly and be honest about any anxiety and other concerns that you have. If your dentist is aware of your concerns, then your dentist will be able to offer solutions.

    Being mindful of your breathing can help you to relax. It can also help to focus your attention when you are feeling tense and stressed. When we feel stressed, we tend to tense up without being aware of what we are doing. Being tense can frequently make us focus more on any type of discomfort than if we were relaxed.

    There are also medicines, like diazepam, that can be offered to patients who need to have their nerves calmed prior to a visit to the dentist for a procedure.

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    We understand that many patients are scared to go to the dentist. Our team is understanding, with a gentle touch and taking the first step to book an appointment, you will overcome your fear of the dentist in no time. Book your appointment online or call 0214894400 to learn more.

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