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Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removals

Understanding tooth extractions

When a tooth is extracted it is removed completely from the gum. Both the damaged tooth visible above the gum line and the structure of the tooth below the gum is removed. The root system of the tooth is also removed.

  • Once you’ve undergone a surgical tooth extraction, the tooth cannot be re-attached.
  • There are some situations where otherwise healthy teeth that have been dislodged as the result of an accident or injury may be able to re-implanted into the gum.

Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removals

When are tooth extractions necessary?

When there is severe damage or decay in a tooth, and root canal treatment will not be sufficient to preserve the tooth, it’s often best to consider a surgical tooth extraction. Wisdom teeth are removed for a number of reasons that can go beyond damage and decay.

Impacted wisdom teeth can lead to discomfort, pain and infection. Wisdom teeth are often removed so that additional room can be created in the mouth when there is a need for orthodontic solutions. Overcrowding can make it a challenge to get the perfect straight smile that braces can offer. By removing the extra teeth, the orthodontic treatment will offer a much higher success rate.

Are there any other options to surgical tooth extraction?

When it comes to wisdom tooth extraction, if these molars are responsible for a number of other dental issues, there are no alternatives to be offered. In fact, removing wisdom teeth can provide a number of benefits for patients who have been subjected to repeat infections and pain from the wisdom teeth.

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Extractions & Wisdom Teeth Removals-dublin

At Fingerpost Dental our dentists will offer solutions that can preserve the natural tooth, where possible. Surgical removal is quite often the last resort treatment offered. If the decay or damage is not yet in advanced stages, then root canal therapy can often help to preserve the tooth’s natural structure.

Teeth that are suffering from advanced decay and cannot be repaired with a filling or root canal therapy, are candidates for being extracted before they start to cause abscesses or other infection concerns.

    Tooth Extractions Treatment Process

    It is important to keep in mind that prior to the extraction, your dentist will take steps to ensure that you feel no discomfort or pain during the tooth extraction. Your tooth and the surrounding gum will be numbed. You should feel nothing more than some pressure during the procedure.

    Once your dentist is satisfied that you are numb, the tooth will be gripped firmly with tools designed just for this procedure. Rocking the tooth back and forth will help to loosen the roots and expand the socket. In many cases, the tooth will be loosened sufficiently to simply be pulled free from your gum.

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    In more complicated extractions, the tooth may be well-anchored or have curved roots that make it more of a challenge to pull free. In these cases, your dentist may need to break the tooth and remove it piece by piece. This is quite commonly seen, and you should feel no additional discomfort or pain as a result of this.

    Once the tooth is free, the tooth extraction healing process can behind. Healing is often uncomplicated and quite fast. Be sure to heed the after-care instructions provided by your dentist, to help avoid dry socket and other complications.

    Benefits of a tooth extraction?

    In situations where the tooth has a severe infection or has sustained damage too severe to repair, it can prove to be highly beneficial to remove the tooth. Patients who have struggled with pain and constant infections with that tooth will see an immediate difference.

    The extraction of unhealthy teeth can halt the infection that has been living in those teeth. What some patients may not know is that decay can spread and enter into the blood stream. This spreading infection can lead to sepsis, and also serious heart damage that cannot be reversed.

    Keep in mind that once a tooth has been extracted, it will most often need to be replaced by a prosthetic. The only time that it wouldn’t need to be would be if it was extracted to resolve overcrowding for orthodontic reason.

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