• Gum Shields

      Gum Shields

      Keeping up with an active lifestyle is an important part of ensuring a fit and healthy body. But sometimes those very activities and sports can lead to injuries to your teeth, protect them with a gum shield
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    • Hygienist Treatments

      Hygienist Treatments

      Pockets of gum disease infection can quickly form beneath the gum line, and lead to decay that may not even be visible. Routine cleanings will help to keep your teeth beautifully clean, and your gum healthy.
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    • Nervous Patients

      Nervous Patients

      Are you scared to go to dentist clinics to get the treatment that you need? The fear of dentists is a reality for many. Children and adults alike struggle with it. We understand the fear and do our utmost to put your fears to rest.
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    • Tooth Extraction

      Tooth Extraction

      When there is severe damage or decay in a tooth, and root canal treatment will not be sufficient to preserve the tooth, it’s often best to consider a surgical tooth extraction.
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    • Root Canal Treatment

      Root Canal Treatment

      Root canal therapy is needed when the pulp inside of a tooth has become infected. This can occur as a result of tooth decay or damage sustained to the tooth

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